Your goal: Impactful communications

You have an important message to get out there

I take your input or existing materials and generate powerful articles, opinion pieces and speeches. Or, I work with your drafts and tailor them for any audience or setting. I’ve translated many complex issues into effective communications for elected officials, news media, constituents and consumers. My expertise goes well beyond basic communications to include public policy, government relations and political and grassroots campaigns.

You want effective and engaging materials

I create copy, presentations, on-line and hard-copy publications and other materials that organize information and insights from many contributors under unifying themes. I ensure that your communications materials are of the highest quality and reflect your mission, your message and your values.

You need a comprehensive strategy

I work with you to develop and implement proactive communications and help you plan for how to communicate in tough or troubling situations. I have been a senior-level aide in the New York State Legislature and also in the state and New York City executive branches and for the state Comptroller. There are few communications challenges that I haven’t encountered.

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